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Chris Brignell, the Photographer

Chris graduated from Portsmouth University in 2005 with an honours degree in photography and now has 10 years’ experience specialising solely in pets. With a passion for animals and his creative ability to capture the true character of each individual pet, he has developed specialised techniques to ensure that quality pet portraits are consistently produced. No matter how naughty you think your pet is Chris’ professional pet focused skills produce outstanding results every time.

Chris prides himself and his business on quality and knows that you will love the photos enough to want to buy them. There is never any hard selling; he lets his work sell itself. He believes that his photos should be affordable for all budgets and this is why he works hard to provide a wide range of affordable products without compromising on quality. Take a look at some previous customers reviews of his work here.


Petographer is always open to new ideas and welcomes new creative requests, many have requetsed pictures of their pets with costumes and other accesories, these requests are welcomed, simply bring them along to an event near you.

Chris prides himself on his diversity and although specialising in pet photography recognises the close bond between a pet and its owners and is more than happy to photograph you or your family with your cherished pets. For your piece of mind you will always be offered a password protected, private gallery to view your family photos. However, all photos with children are automatically password protected.

Your Event Experience

The Petographer event experience prides itself on being simple, effective and quick as we recognise you are there to enjoy the whole show experience and not spend hours in the studio. As a professional pet photographer Chris has the technical ability to capture an excellent set of images in just 5 minutes per pet. There is no need to book a place, just turn up with your pet at any time convenient to you.

All photos at the events are taken FREE on the day, it does not cost you a penny and there is no obligation to buy so its always worth getting a few photos taken while you are there. The photos will then be uploaded to our website a few days after the event for you to view and purchase in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure. They will remain online until Christmas.

Petographer use a completely mobile studio with a specialised heavy duty gazebo which enables them to set up anywhere. They can set up in pet shops, grooming parlours, vets and rescue centres for open days or even in the middle of a field at dog shows!

Editing Process

Some owners are worried that their pet may try and escape whilst photos are being taken, however, this is not a problem, To give you peace of mind you can keep your dogs on the lead and this will be professionally edited from the final photo. (as seen in the photo)

All photos are professionally edited to ensure the highest quality is provided before they are put online and again before purchase. Petographer offers an exclusive gifts range, which make for fantastic presents for all the family. What better way to treat a loved one with their own pet printed on to a present. We offer a diverse range of gifts to suit everyone, from drinks coasters to suit dad, fine bone china for mum, phone cases for the kids and a magnet for nan. The gifts can also be personalized with text for FREE so why not use your creativity and make something truly unique!


Petographer is based in Winterbounre Abbas in Dorset but travels nationwide to dog and pet events and shows. He has regular affiliations with prestigious events in the south of the UK in Dorset, Devon, Kent, Wiltshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Berkshire, Suffolk and London. If you would like Petographer to attend your event for free please contact us ith the details of the show.

Please refer to our event page to see if we will be at a show near you or Like us on facebook to stay up to date with our latest news, events, competitions and special offers.


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