We will try to get your dog to sit as standard, We have picked up a few tricks and skills to get them to do as we want over the 10 years!
If your dog won't sit or doesn't like sitting not to worry they still look great just standing in our studio.
We will try to get a laying shot for you aswell so you have a nice choice, these are slightly harder though and depends on the dog on the day.
We will also do a few close up head shots for you which often capture the character perfectly. White dogs also show up well on our background due to the way we light the background. They also print alot darker due to it not being backlit from the computer or phone screen
We tend to stick with our white background as that is our main style and signiture keeping it simple, modern and timeless but we do also have a black background if you prefer, please just ask on the day of the shoot. We can do some on both if you want to so have the choice too.
We tend to leave the leads on dogs aswell, it saves them running off and are they are slightly easier to control on a lead and behave a little better. As long as the leads are held up gently behind the dogs head these are professional edited from the final photo you you see.
Unfortunatly we are unable to erase harnesses so if you do not want the harness in the photo please remember to bring a colar aswell to clip the leads too.
If you have more than one dog we can take a few group shots and then some individually so you have a nice choice. We specialise in group shots so please give it a go. It may take slightly longer but it should be worth it.
If you want a group shot but it is virtually impossible to get them all together we can take them individually and photoshop them all together!
Family shots and photos of your children and pets also welcome. They make for great christmas presents for the little ones or grandparents. We do kid friendly products like door hangers, magnets, phone covers etc too!
New for 2017 is our pop art style images. We will turn one of your images into this cartoon illustration style for you to view to see if you like it. The background colour can then be changed to your chosing after.
We can also do a bit of extra photoshop editing on request to make unique one off fun images using your pets. Please just ask with requests.
Black dogs also show up great on our white background. They are notoriously hard to photograph but not in our studio with a little extra flash light. This is also a sample of one of our montages we can do for you so you have several poses on one photo!
Cats are a little trickier but are welcome, its best if you bring a lead though as we take the photos out on the shop floor with dogs around! If you have a particular prop you would like included, bring it along and we will try to include it where possible.
Dogs are obviously the most popular pet people bring in to be photographed but all pets are welcome! We have had a wide variety over the years, pretty much every pet you can think of, please check out our website to view them all. www.petographer.co.uk
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